Mother-to-mother support is invaluable. Being in a position to support another parent is a wonderful place to be and it can feel really rewarding to see your help make a difference. With pay-it-forward vouchers, you have the opportunity to make a donation that will be put towards the postnatal support of another mother. At the end of every year I use this money to subsidise care for other parents, whether it's doula care, individual consultations, or pump hire. These donations are made public and the way it is allocated will be made public.*

*only the pound amounts of donations will be disclosed, the details of contributors and clients receiving care will remain confidential.

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Serving Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Leighton Buzzard, and North Bucks in England, UK

Specialising in issue  including but not limited to sore nipples, painful damaged nipples, slow weight gain, baby not gaining weight, low supply, increasing milk supply, making more breastmilk, feeding twins and multiples, colic, reflux, silent reflux, insufficient glandular tissue (IGT), weaning,introducing solids, baby led weaning, baby vitamins, formula top ups, top ups, breastpump, exclusively pumping, return to work, growth spurt, cluster feeding, frequent feeding, intolerance, allergies, feeding an older baby, night weaning, sleeping through the night, breastfeeding, doula, postnatal support, babywearing, birth, fourth trimester, baby carriers, baby sling, postnatal depression, postpartum support, drugs in breastmilk, breastmilk, breast reduction, breast augmentation, implants, blood in nappy, bottlefeeding, dummies, bedsharing, co-sleeping