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Baby B'n'B

   Antenatal Courses

£120 per couple for a 4 hour course (minimum of 2 couples)

Why Baby B'n'B?

Baby B'n'B Antenatal Workshop was designed around, both my experience of supporting parents in the early days with their new babies, and with consideration of the available research around infant attachment and maternal and parental health & well-being. We'll look at what behaviour can be expected of your newborn, why they might behave the way they do, and how you, the parent, might be able to meet their needs to support a positive adjustment into the world outside of the womb. We address common concerns that many new parents have and frequently asked questions that come up in the early weeks and months. The aim of this workshop is to give you the information needed to be able to differentiate between normal behaviour or when your baby might be trying to communicate that something isn't quite right.  It will also help you to find the confidence in their ability to make educated decisions for your family so that if issues arise in the early days & weeks you'll have an idea of how to overcome those obstacles with little or no impact to the breastfeeding relationship.

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What can you expect from a Baby B'n'B workshop?

While the content outline does cover basic points, I do like to tailor each workshop session to the needs of the parents that book on. If you are already aware of special circumstances that may affect your early days with baby (e.g. caesarean birth, gestational diabetes, early induction), then it can be incorporated into the workshop discussion and we can look at what special factors you may want to consider and plan for.

The workshop is 4 hours, with a refreshment break half-way through. We spend the first half discussing the breastfeeding dyad and how to support the breastfeeding relationship, before moving on to look at how to support the intense needs of the newborn and the 4th trimester through hands-free baby carrying, or babywearing. I will demonstrate a selection of carriers and slings and you can have a go at trying them to see what might work well for you. It is an informal and interactive session, to engage parents as much as possible and to try to meet various learning styles. 

The session is £120 per couple and includes resources and materials that you can take away with you on the day. 

Theses workshops are organised on request. You can get friends and/or family together and I will deliver the workshop at a time that is convenient for you all, there needs to be at least 2 paying parents/couples to arrange a workshop.

If you would like to attend a Baby B'n'B Antenatal Workshop, then please fill out the following form:

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