Birth Doula



Birth is a huge monumental moment in our lives where we are actually given the opportunity to prepare for how we'd like for this occasion to go. While we can't control exactly how things go, we can control how we go into the situation. Having a doula at your birth is proven to reduce your risk of having a negative birth experience, reduce your time labouring, reduce your pain and anxiety and give an overall much more positive experience. So why not? 

As your birth doula we will meet two times in your antenatal period to discuss and prepare for your birth. We can get to know each other a bit better, discuss how you'd like me to support you and your partner, go through your birth preferences and chat through any questions you and your partner may have.

I will go on call from 38 weeks (for four weeks) and make myself available to you when you are in labour and decide you'd like for me to be with you. I am happy to support you in whatever environment you would like to birth in, whether that is a freebirth (unattended by a midwife), homebirth, in a birth centre, in a hospital, or whether you are planning a vaginal birth or cesarean birth. I am there for you to try and help you have as positive experience.

Once baby has arrived, I will remain until feeding has been established and then leave you to bond with your family. 

We will also meet up for one more postnatal visit to go through the birth and make sure you're feeling settled into your new family unit.