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£120 for 90 minutes

A breastfeeding support consultation allows us time to go through any issues and concerns you may be having. It includes:

  • a full maternal and Infant health history

  • maternal breast assessment

  • infant oral anatomy and sucking assessment

  • latching & positioning assistance

  • tools and tips to help you breastfeed more easily

  • craniosacral therapy if we think it will benefit baby

  • assessment of milk intake

  • full discussion and evaluation of any concerns you may have or problems you may be experiencing

  • development of a care plan going forward (considerate of your personal goals and family circumstances)

  • follow up phone calls*

  • any required documentation & communication with primary health care provider

*A follow-up appointment may be recommended where I feel that too much change has occurred since previous consult and/or where more discussion needs to take place. 

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