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Cranio-sacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, but powerful therapy that can help to relax and release physical, as well as emotional, strain held within the body. It is suitable for all ages, but when received by babies it can promote optimal development from the start of life and encourage better movement and function for the whole body.

  • reflux

  • colic

  • poor attachment to the bottle or breast

  • unsettled/restless behaviour

  • birth trauma, both physical and emotional


However, even if your baby does not suffer from the above, it’s still a great therapy to ease them into the world. It's also a great therapy to help with postpartum transition and recovery.


All of my CST appointments take place from one of the therapy spaces that I work at. You can find a list of my current clinics and times on my contact page.

Cranio-sacral Therapy for Under Twelves

£57 for 45 min

Babies these days can often face a lot more difficulties at the start of their lives than they once did, and their body can show these strains and stresses in unsettled behaviour that includes colic, reflux, infrequent pooping and/or poor feeding. Craniosacral therapy can relax the system and reregulate function that was under strain and causing disorder. It is gentle enough for the youngest baby. Book Now

Cranio-sacral Therapy for Over Twelves

£80 for 1 hour

Craniosacral Therapy can help in pregnancy, creating the optimal environment for baby to grow, but can also be beneficial for postpartum healing. If you found birth to be a difficult experience or if you’re finding the early days of mothering and parenting to be physically and emotionally difficult, a treatment can help get things back on track and can promote a more positive experience with raising your little one(s). Baby is welcome and I’m always happy to work around your needs during a treatment. Book Now

Mama & Baby Treatment Session

£90 for 1 hour

This one hour treatment is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your baby. Whether you’ve had a difficult birth, feeling a bit low about mothering, struggling with mum guilt, or just want some time to bond with your little one. This is an unrushed session where we can work around you and your baby’s needs. If baby is unsettled when you arrive we can work to settle baby and treat them first and then move onto the parent who will likely then have an opportunity to rest a bit more with a calmer baby. Book Now

Packages, Offers & Vouchers

I regularly update my system with packages and offers to provide discounts on some of my services. These make great gifts for an expectant parent or for a new family. Check out what I currently have on offer here.

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