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Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle touch therapy that tunes into the subtle movements of the body, making it a wonderful therapy for even the youngest baby. As a craniosacral therapist, I feel into the body's natural rhythm and follow it's movement and fluidity, noticing its subtle quality changes, asymmetries and restrictions, giving attention to the areas that may want to relax and let go of tightness.


It is also best used as a cumulative therapy, especially where deeper restrictions and issues reside, because the body can sometimes take time to peel back layers and move into deeper holdings. Having said this, most people will notice a difference to their baby, or themselves, after just one treatment. CST is a gentle, but powerful therapy that can help to relax and release physical, as well as emotional, strain held within the body. It is suitable for all ages, but when received by babies it can promote optimal development from the start of life and encourage better movement and function for the whole body. It can help reduce and in many cases eliminate symptoms of:

  • reflux

  • colic

  • poor attachment to the bottle or breast

  • unsettled/restless behaviour

  • birth trauma, both physical and emotional

However, even if your baby does not suffer from the above, it’s still a great therapy to ease them into the world. It's also a great therapy to help with postpartum transition and recovery.

I regularly post craniosacral videos and stories on my Instagram account. You can also read Case Studies on Baby A (breastfeeding difficulties) and Jadzia's (colic) case study for a look at ways CST can help.

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