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While there are many breastfeeding support titles and roles (PDF download), an IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, is the only regulated role, which ensures a basic standard of skill and practice. An IBCLC can offer basic emotional support and help with adjusting to the early days, gauging what might be expected behaviour from a baby to what might be concerning, but can also help in the more complex clinic situations.


Like any profession, IBCLCs have different areas of specialised interest, if you would like to know more about mine, you can read my about me page.

Below is a bit about the various feeding consultations I offer. I offer craniosacral therapy as a part of my in-home feeding consultation, as I find that in many cases feeding difficulties are a result of body restriction/discomfort and the feeding difficulties can only be helped with this gentle bodywork. Have a read of what this is so that you can decide whether it might be something you would like for your baby to have if I feel it might be beneficial in a session.

Individual Appointments & Packages

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