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Baby Reece's 
Case Study


Reece's mother contacted me because she was struggling with Reece's unsettled colicky behaviour and reflux. She felt he was stuck in a cycle of feeding to soothe himself, which caused reflux and colic and then he'd have to feed again. There was also a long period every night when Reece would cry and not settle. He fed constantly in that time, it was painful to breastfeed and he also seemed to be in pain while crying.

His mother wanted to explore whether craniosacral therapy could help with this.

Baby Reece's Course of Treatments

Reece was such a chilled happy baby through all of his treatments. We did a combination of working with him laying on a floor cushion, and his feeding at his mother's breast.


After Reece's first appointment he we noticeably more settled. You can see at the start of his treatment (in the video) he was restless and had an agitation that expressed with a constant tongue thrust movement. You can also see the moment his body relaxes and this tongue movement, along with the other agitations and movements, settle. He slept loads that day, did a massive blow-out poo, and began having longer naps. He was getting bigger gaps between his feeds and seemed more settled in the day. His evening crying seemed to be less to start with, but it started up again after a few days (which is really common when the body is shifting, because it wants to pull back into old restrictions again).

After his second session, Reece had LOADS of poo and his digestive system appeared to be moving a lot more regularly and with less discomfort. He had a round of vaccinations in this time and was a little unsettled after, but he began to settle back down again and after his third session his colic and reflux eased off completely, he was feeding much better so that mum wasn't feeling pain, and he was generally a much happier settled baby. And his mum was very happy with the outcome.

For more details about this case study, watch the above video with text.

If you feel like your baby may benefit from some craniosacral therapy, you can book an appointment, or a package of appointments at this link

If you would be interested in participating in a case study for a discounted treatment rate, get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

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