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Women Who BeHave

Have a more abundant joyful life through the act of just being yourself more confidently

Women Who BeHave is a 6 week course open to those who feel ready to make the courageous step to heal old wounds and honour their wise woman. It has been designed for the postpartum woman who is struggling to find joy in the everyday life, in the parenting, and who's looking for a way to rekindle that spark in her life. We'll go  on a journey of self exploration, to find the self that was potentially lost on the mothering journey.


The course explores why it can be difficult to prioritise ourselves, the relationship dynamics that get triggered when we try to prioritise ourselves, and how we can still create loving boundaries to honour our own needs and ultimately brings a bit more joy to ourselves and our family.

It's a course for women who are ready to:

Course Outline:

Week 1 - Who Even Am I?

Explore the many facets of yourself, who you once were, who you'd like to be, and your conditioning around self value and getting to know your best YOU.

Week 2 - What Are My Needs?

Look at the difference between 'Needs' and 'Wants' and where we each individually blur that line and self sabotage our well-being.

Week 3 - Exploring Boundaries & Compromise

How do we honour ourselves when it feels like it's hurting others? We'll look at how setting healthy boundaries can benefit everyone even when it looks and feels like we're just being selfish.

Week 4 - Safety & Security

We'll look at how change can trigger conditioning around safety and insecurity, creating feelings of resistance in the body that continuously brings us back to old patterns. We'll bring awareness to our individual patterns of resistance.

Week 5 - Letting Go to Let Flow; Embracing the Unknown

Building on Week 4, we will begin letting go of our old restrictive patterns to make room for the wonderful joyous life experiences we have been blocking.

Week 6 - Integrating the Work Into Ourselves & Our Lives

Celebrate with your fellow Women Who BeHave! Reflect on all that you have already done for yourself and what this work will look like for you and your relationships moving forward.

Facilitated by:


J'Nel Metherell IBCLC CST

Over this one hour I will be sharing with you the foundational elements that brought drastic change to my own life over recent years. These are the elements that I found crucial in my ability to understand and face everyday challenges without the internal resistance that brought frustration, resentment, anger, and exhaustion. 


These are the steps that helped me rediscover who I truly am, what brings me joy and how I could harness it in my day-to-day so that I could be at ease, even at difficult times. This is what  took me from the "get through the day" mentality and into full enjoyment of my life with my kids, in my work and in my relationships. It's what can help you, too.

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