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A FREE 15 page download to prepare

you for your breastfeeding journey


Years of experience of working with families in the early weeks postpartum has led me to understand that we generally enter into our breastfeeding and parenting journeys, uninformed and ill equipped to navigate the very basics of having a baby. We lack the understanding of what would be considered normal for a breastfed baby, how to know if they are feeding and developing well, and how to navigate obstacles before medical interventions are required. 


It is also currently the case that most babies now enter our world through highly medicalised  births that then require more skilled navigation of the feeding journey. 


I've written this booklet with all of the above in mind. It's a simple resource to help you consider, in advance, what breastfeeding issues you might face and courses of action you might like to take to overcome these obstacles. These pages contain the most common information that parents don't know they need to know.


I can say, without a doubt, that if many of the parents I've supported over the years had read this booklet before their baby arrived, they would have had far fewer issues with initiating breastfeeding in the early days. If these 15 pages put me out of business, I'd be happy. 😉

Why we need The Breastfeeding Plan

What The Breastfeeding Plan is

This is a 15 page PDF document that'll arrive to your email immediately upon submitting your contact details below.


Each page will contain invaluable information talking you through things you might like to consider around breastfeeding your baby, so that once they arrive, you have some idea of options available to you.


While we always hope for things to be straightforward and easy, or think that someone knowledgeable will be available to support us should we meet obstacles, it isn't generally the case in our current birth culture. Entering into the biggest moment of our lives requires us to be educated and prepared, and this document is designed to do just that.

It includes content around:

The Golden Hour

Learn what your body and your newborn's body expect immediately post birth and how to support feeding with ease from the first moments of their life.


A baby born is still physically attached to the mother/parent for the first 3 months postnatally. Finding ways to support sleep for everyone is imperative!


The majority of issues stem from painful inefficient latching and feeding, learn your options for speedy remedy, if you find yourself in this situation.

Medical Interventions

On occasion the mother or baby require medical care that can impact feeding. Should this happen, it's good to have some awareness before the stress of the moment.


This happens more than people expect, catching them out. If supplementation happens in a breastfeeding friendly way then it can still support your end goal.

Accessing Support

Despite having knowledge on how to navigate the basics, sometimes we still require support from a skilled breastfeeding professional. Know your contacts in advance.

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