Hi, I'm J'Nel, a certified lactation consultant and postnatal doula. However, above all things, I identify as a mother. I have three amazing children who have inspired my life in more ways than I can say, but I definitely credit them for my drive to support other parents with breastfeeding and with helping them ease into that massive shift of growing their family.



         & Doula


If you are struggling with breastfeeding and finding that you are not getting the support that you feel you need, then give me a call to discuss what we can do to get you moving in a more positive direction.


I have many years experience of supporting parents with issues, from relactation, slow gaining babies, colic, painful latching, and more. I offer a range of consultation options and packages to help you find something to suit your needs & budget.



I offer various services to support the breastfeeding relationship, from postnatal doula support, baby sleep consultations, and help with carrying your baby in a sling. All of my services are tailored to your family's needs and to what you feel would help you support your feeding relationship. 



what others

               have said

"J’Nel was brilliant at helping me with my newborn twins and 3yr old. She was the extra pair of hands I needed - cuddling babies, playing with my daughter, getting us lunch whilst I was feeding the babies, clearing up, chatting through everything I’d been through and the challenges I was facing. Her expertise with breastfeeding meant she encouraged and reassured me - and having adult company/chats made my sleep deprivation bearable. I would absolutely recommend her."


my experience &

     community involvement

My passion for supporting parents means that I play an active role in the local community. The following is a list of other places you might see me.

I accredited as a La Leche League Leader in January 2014 and currently co-lead the local Milton Keynes group, where we run regular meets and offer one-to-one support. You can read more about the group on our website

I co-chair Breastfeeding Alliance Milton Keynes (BFAMK) along with Jaime Hill. BFAMK brings together all key players in breastfeeding support to try and bridge gaps in the care that parents receive. You can learn more about the alliance here.

I have also founded the Milk Mentors organisation, which is a community organisation that trains up peer supporters and places them out in their local community so that parents may be able to access support. Milk Mentors runs in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Our website has further details about the organisation, how you can become a peer supporter and how you can access support from a peer supporter. 

I am also the chairperson of The Breastfeeding Festival in Milton Keynes, which is an annual event promoting and offering education around breastfeeding. The event is aimed at both parents and health professionals, with talks and discussions around parenting and breastfeeding, and also lots of children's activities, stalls and food.

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Serving Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Leighton Buzzard, and North Bucks in England, UK

Specialising in issue  including but not limited to sore nipples, painful damaged nipples, slow weight gain, baby not gaining weight, low supply, increasing milk supply, making more breastmilk, feeding twins and multiples, colic, reflux, silent reflux, insufficient glandular tissue (IGT), weaning,introducing solids, baby led weaning, baby vitamins, formula top ups, top ups, breastpump, exclusively pumping, return to work, growth spurt, cluster feeding, frequent feeding, intolerance, allergies, feeding an older baby, night weaning, sleeping through the night, breastfeeding, doula, postnatal support, babywearing, birth, fourth trimester, baby carriers, baby sling, postnatal depression, postpartum support, drugs in breastmilk, breastmilk, breast reduction, breast augmentation, implants, blood in nappy, bottlefeeding, dummies, bedsharing, co-sleeping