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How I
            Can Help

“The mother-baby relationship is crucial. Thus, how we treat the women who bring children into this world – with honor and tenderness or neglect and abuse – profoundly influences the direction of our society.”
-Suzanne Arms

I am a Lactation Consultant and Craniosacral Therapist providing holistic feeding support to families in the Beds, N. Bucks, Northants, Milton Keynes Area. Whether you are pregnant and only just beginning to plan your baby’s arrival into your home, or an experienced mother or parent looking for some help getting through a blip, get in touch, I would be more than happy to support.

To learn more about me, you can read my About Me page, but briefly it should be known that my passion lies in supporting the individual to find their own path to happiness on their parenting journey, whether that be to turn current circumstances around or to reflect on past experience to help heal through birth and feeding grief & trauma. We all deserve to find peace amidst what can be a huge life-upending transition, but sometimes we just need some support on that journey.

“J’Nel was a huge help and reassuring support to us in the first month of our son being born. She was able to offer us an appointment the same day I contacted her and came to our house. She was supportive, knowledgeable and friendly as she talked us through a plan of how to help us get to the breastfeeding goals we wanted. She also helped our son using craniosacral therapy which he was very relaxed to receive and seems to have benefited well from with now having a much better latch.
She always promptly responded to my email questions outside of appointments. She also offered me extra support over the bank holiday as I was trying to get a pump delivered to ensure my supply established after I came out of hospital with our premmie baby. I would highly recommend her."



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